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I figured it was about time to share some of my learnings of 10+ years in corporate finance and treasury. And yes, I passed all levels of the CFA way back when Bear owned the coolest building in Wall Street.

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Latest in Corporate Finance

How is VWAP calculated?

When equity brokers pitch their share repurchase capabilities to corporations, they never fail to mention their ability to outperform VWAP. When asked how they outperform so consistently, the answers tend to be non-answers: "we have proprietary algorithms" "our...

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Yield vs. Return: what’s the difference?

Many times we use the terms return and yield interchangeably, and that may be because both concepts describe investment performance. But they are not the same. The difference is this simple: return is backward-looking, yield is forward-looking. Return Return is a...

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Nuances of the Barclays Fixed Income Indices

  Most corporate investors use benchmarks to express their desired asset allocation, to guide their asset managers’ portfolio construction process and, on an ex-post basis, to measure their performance. Well known indices such as the S&P 500 or the Barclays U.S....

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Latest in Personal Finance

Limits of information for trading and investing

Bad advice to avoid "It is consistently taught in business schools across the world that the more information we absorb, the better investment decisions we will make." It makes sense, right? But it’s wrong. The above quote is a paraphrase of Adam Robinson when asked...

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Latest in Rarus Et Sine Gravitas

Financial crisis headlines

Blast from the Past | Financial Crisis headlines as of October 7, 2008 Just some notes I took while things were unfolding. So many names live only in people's memories now... September 2008 (S&P 500: -9.2%) September 7: FNMA and FHLMC are put under the conservatorship...

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Books: Zero to One | Peter Thiel

This book is a collection of ideas and reflections on the intersection of economics, culture, and technology. It also provides a framework to process and understand businesses, be them existing and established, or inception-stage ventures. One of the main concepts is...

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